“A must-read for anyone that is looking to seize more out of life! Linda captivates her readers with fresh ideas and her intimate stories of transformation. She simplifies spiritual growth concepts that most anyone can apply. PICK UP THIS BOOK AND BE READY TO EMBRACE LIFE.” — Tom Bird, Best-selling Author

“We can all learn from this relatable personal and poignant story of awakening. Linda weaves story with insight, pearls of wisdom and tools to guide you through your process of unfolding.” – Minister and Author Reverend Evelyn Foreman, M.Div.

“In this book is a vulnerable, enlightened path of awakening. It becomes a friend to any seeker because its simple wisdom is so gently profound.” – Rev. David McArthur, J.D. Author of Your Spiritual Heart

Pebbles of Gold is a brilliant, fun journey about living a conscious life. This book offers many new ways to experience yourself and others in your life. I was moved and inspired by Linda’s authentic, transparent sharing. Dive in and be transformed!” – Cindy Mortensen, MRET, CH

“Reading this book gave me the tools to help create greater peace in my marriage, more precious than gold.” – Anastacia Jayet, Author
Pebbles of Gold
Finding Inner Nirvana Amidst the Chaos of Life

  • Can you imagine a life where your relationships are easy and fill your bucket instead of drain it?
  • Can you see yourself standing tall with unlimited confidence
  • Now imagine everyone with whom you come into contact seeing you as poised, wise, calm, centered and at peace even during the worst of circumstances. 

You can have all of that 
and so much more. 

Acquiring peace and fulfillment doesn’t require major life changes or risky moves. You can keep the same job, same spouse, same dog, same house and reap these benefits. But keep in mind, when you implement the simple techniques in this book, life is going to open up to you with tremendous opportunity. We were born with a purpose and when we are open and trusting, life shows us the way. It may have big plans for you. Do you want to find this path of inner nirvana? What are you waiting for?
About Linda Curry
Linda Curry is an author, speaker and teacher in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Dedicated to living her best life, Linda assists others to cultivate health through her expertise in spiritual growth, herbalism, plant-based culinary cuisine, nutrition counseling and health coaching. Linda is a compassionate lover of animals, the environment and overall health. She is passionate about educating others on the importance of food on our overall health through compassionate, whole plant food preparation, bringing empowerment and good health to those willing to learn. Linda’s motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying nutrition and healthy food preparation without sacrificing taste.

Linda's cookbooks, Simply Nature - Recipe Book, Volumes 1 and 2 are also available on Amazon.com.

Having a sense of peace with life brings prosperity as well because you have become open to the guidance life has for you. You may prosper, as you’ve never imagined possible. Would you believe that many wildly successful people give credit to their success on their meditation practice? That’s right. Having a practice that keeps them centered and focused on the right tasks, greatly contributed to their success. In this context, success is financial success and happiness. Although this book lightly touches on a meditation practice, the concepts described go well beyond meditation.

Your new being-ness also transforms your emotional and physical well-being. Can you imagine a life where your emotional baggage no longer limits your potential? How about a life where your physical body naturally relaxes and heals? This is possible if we allow it.

Living a life with peace in your heart gives you all of that and so much more. Having peace and fulfillment in your life is not just desirable, it is necessary to fulfill your purpose here. Without it, you may continue to struggle through life on the wrong path. Being on the wrong path requires “Life” to throw boulders at you to get you back on track. Many people view the boulders as a nuisance, and try even harder to control and manipulate their lives.

Life wants more from you. You have a purpose here and life is not ready to give up on you. When you look at these boulders closer and start to accept them, the drama in your life begins to melt and the boulders turn into small pebbles to keep you moving on your path. Those pebbles become necessary and desirable where you are going. What if Life wants more for you? What if you release control and allow life to show you the way?

Having a sense of inner nirvana is not the ultimate goal, but is the ultimate state of being in the chaotic world in which we live. This path is not about our goals or destinations; it is about the state of being we have while we are on this roller coaster called life. You can have peace and inner nirvana -- not when you retire, but now.
"Having peace and fulfillment in your life is not just desirable, 
it is necessary to fulfill your purpose here."  ~Linda Curry